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After 22 years I think its safe to say I had a good run in SPATER. In the years that I was in this band we saw a lot of other bands come and go. Although we didnít reach the level of success I always dreamed of, I am still proud of our accomplishments. We made a significant mark on the local scene and I think SPATER will be remembered for quite some time. We have done and seen a lot of things and experienced at times a kind of brotherhood between us. There were great times and a lot of laughs. We all have stories we will tell, possibly for as long as we live, mostly fun ones. But there were bad times too. Especially when we suffered the loss of our most fun and outrageous band member Kelly Rittenhouse. Iíve met a lot of cool people and made a lot of friends over the years through being in this band. I owe a lot of gratitude to Terry Iocco and Kevin Daeffler. In my time with SPATER I have reached a higher level of personal success as a musician than I otherwise might have. I can not overlook the impact that other past members had on me in my time in this band either. Tim Rivenburg, Mark Lusk, Jim Bounds and of course Kelly Rittenhouse. Everyone played a role in shaping me as a musician and helped to clear my vision. I have much appreciation and respect. Together we kicked ass with the best of them and gave every band a run for their money. Times changed and the scene did too. We kept rolliní through it all and eventually saw a kind of return of metal. Although the scene is much different than how it was when we started out, we still managed to stay relevant. But like the old clichť, nothing lasts forever. This band has been running on one cylinder for far too long. It has run out of steam and itís time for me to move on. I want to thank everyone who ever supported SPATER, no matter the capacity. Its all appreciated. I will remain on the metal scene both as a musician, a promoter and supporter and I wish nothing but the best to Terry and Kevin in whatever they choose to do. Since I am no longer in the band, itís a matter of time that I will be closing down the main website and social networks that I have been operating in the name of SPATER. Iíll see you in my next band and at Finger Lakes Metal Fest 2015. Until then, Rock on!